TomTom Via XXL Map Update

TomTom Via XXL Map Update

We manufacture a range of GPS devices for cars. Our Via and XXL range of GPS devices provides you with a safe and euphoric driving experience. Each device has the latest map & software installed. With time, the map becomes outdated, and the device loses its efficiency. To keep you informed with all the changes, TomTom via XXL map updates are published every quarter.

TomTom Via XXL Map Update

Traffic updates

After getting a Via or XXL device, you don’t have to worry about slow traffic and jams. It provides timely alerts for avoiding traffic jams. Additionally, with the intelligent routing system, it shows the most efficient routes according to your current location and driving habits.

Speed camera

Get alerts for the speed cameras positioning. It also sends alerts for slowing when you are driving near a school zone, railway or animal crossings, blackout zones or traffic lights.

Turn-by-turn navigation

You will never miss any address/ street with advanced turn-by-turn navigation. It uses natural language and easy to see landmarks like schools, churches, petrol stations for providing directions.

Lane assistance & junction view

Always drive in the proper lane with active lane assistance. You will get directions with a bright colourful arrow. The device automatically switches to an overhead view when you are near a junction. It helps you prepare for the upcoming complex intersections/ junctions.

Lifetime map updates

With the lifetime map updates, you will always drive with the latest map. You would get four map updates for the rest of the useful life of the device. If you don’t know the useful life of the device, contact our GPS experts.


You don’t have to look at the device while driving with text-to-speech. Get loud and clear voice instructions with a high-quality speaker.

Bluetooth Handsfree

Connect the device with the Bluetooth and use it handsfree. It provides you with safer driving.

Contact our GPS executives for every issue related to your Via and XXL device.