TomTom SatNav map update

TomTom SatNav map update

We help you to always get to your destination safely on time with our GPS devices. We manufacture a range of devices for cars, commercial vehicles, RVs, motorcycles. Each device has the latest map and software. With time, due to the always on-going construction of new roads, highways, streets the maps become outdated. To help you drive safely TomTom Sat Nav map update is released four times in a year.

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To update your device, you would need a MyDrive application installed on your computer. This application is available for both the Windows & Macintosh computer. You can update the device with the latest map & software, purchase or renew new services. Connect the device with the computer regularly to check for the updates. You will get the best driving experience with the latest updates. We provide various updates and bug fixes each month.

Download the latest application version and install on your computer. After installing the application, connect the GPS device with the help of the USB cable provided with it. The software will start automatically after connecting the GPS.

It will search for the available updates for the device. After finishing the search process, you will get a list of updates. Click on the update which you want to install. Two types of updates are available, i.e., free and paid. Transfer the file on your GPS device.

The latest software updates help to get a faster, smoother and better driving experience.

Keep the device up-to-date

Easily check and download the latest updates.

Manage Contents

Manage maps, speed cameras, addresses & other contents.

Get support

Find FAQs and other support materials with one-touch.

If you are finding it difficult to update the Sat-Nav or facing any other issues with the device, contact our GPS experts for help.