TomTom MyDrive is a piece of software for making a user's life easy. It helps you to plan your route before stepping into your vehicle. Directly send routes & addresses from smartphones and tablets to the device. Enter the address by clicking the MyDrive menu. When you connect the device with a Wi-Fi connection, the data will be sent to the GPS device. You will get the best route depending upon the traffic conditions. Easily plan your routes with intelligent and intuitive navigation software. Get important data like ETA, travel time, alternate routes when there is a sudden traffic change.

TomTom MyDrive Connect keeps the GPS device synchronized with all your smart devices like smartphones, tablets, PC and your car. Save time on route planning and always be ahead of the traffic. People are spending more and more time online, so we have designed our software so you can seamlessly send important information like destinations, routes, favourite addresses easily.

TomTom MyDrive For Smartphones

Keep all the data at one place with TomTom MyDrive. Download from the PlayStore or AppStore according to your device.

Live Traffic Updates

Connect your GPS device with the smartphone and get Live Traffic updates. Never worry about traffic jams.

Last-mile navigation

Reach to the doorstep of your destination with the last-mile navigation. View the route and map on the smartphone after stepping out of the car. Easily find the car parked at an unknown place with the car park feature.

Content management

Manage all the content from one place. Save and edit routes, places, addresses, favourite Points Of Interests, contacts by clicking once.

Map Installation using MyDrive Connect

Connect your GPS device using the MyDrive connected with WiFi (supported devices) or with a computer for updating the map. Follow these steps for installing maps

Run the software after connecting with the network. Log in to the official account with the email address & password. Power on your device after waiting for some time.

The device will sync with the software, then it will check for the updates. You will get a list, click on the updates you want to install.

Updating with WiFi

We have in-built our devices with WiFi for making the user's life a little easier. You don’t need a computer for updating your device with new maps and software.

Charge your GPS device to at least 80% of its capacity so you don’t run out of the juice during the update. You can directly connect the device to a power outlet.

  • Go in the guidance view and click on the main menu.
  • Click on WiFi.
  • Get a list of all the networks.
  • Tap “Connect”.
  • Enter the network password.
  • Login to your account.
  • Click updates.
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MyDrive Connect software is available for both the Windows and Mac operating systems. You can download by clicking the buttons

Download for Windows
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Download for Mac

When you are trying to download the software, you sometimes get a message “something went wrong” and try downloading again.

It happens because of the old .dll files. Update the files on your computer and download the software again.

If your download seems to be stalled, i.e., the progress bar is not moving forward, don’t close the process. It happens because of the difficulty in calculating the time remaining.

Contact our GPS experts when you are having any issue downloading the software.

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